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Great Lakes Calibration is home based in the heart of the Midwest. Our headquarters is located in the Chicago, IL suburbs, We also maintain full time staff in the Los Angeles area, meaning that our workplace is wherever you need our services. We are set up as a calibration laboratory on the move. Please click on "Map" in the upper right menu bar to see an interactive map of where our current service locations are. Chances are that we are in your neighborhood at some point during the year.

Our technicians are ready to travel from coast to coast and anywhere in between. We utilize special packing and shipping techniques to ensure that our calibration standards can be sent to your location safely and efficiently.

Great Lakes Calibration understands that you have many choices in calibration vendors. Many of our customers find it extremely beneficial to work with us even though we are thousands of miles away. Our technical knowledge, quality control expertise, and calibration experience is well worth the additional travel costs associated with bringing us to your lab. We do whatever we can to ensure that the travel costs are kept to a minimum and will even provide discounts of up to 50% on travel costs to make sure that we stay competitive with your local calibration vendors in total calibration costs. Please contact us for more information and for a service quote.

As part of the Martin Calibration team headquartered in the Minniapoli St. Paul area, you have access to superior calirbation services for all of our calibration labs across the USA